2 comments on “Chinese Cyber-Espionage on US Companies: The Asymmetry in the Analogy of the “Pot Calling the Kettle Black”

  1. I always enjoy reading your articles, Farok. They are always interesting. What concerns me is that every time I go to buy something, it is usually marked “Made in China”. If I were in China I wonder how many things would read “Made in the USA”? This may not have much to do with what you just wrote but it has always bothered me. If I had my preference I would be the pot and China would be the kettle!!


  2. Dear Marie,
    In stores in China there is very little from the USA. But the USA does sell them, for example, a Boeing Aircraft whose value is equal to 60,000 China-made toasters. So Americans see “Made in China” 60,000 times at Target or Walmart, whereas someone climbing into an airplane in China sees no “Made in USA” label.


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